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Silverstone recently revisited their working relationship with us to help overhaul the look and feel of their website to better align with the business they've matured into; a cutting edge, respected home builder delivering attention to detail and exemplary customer service.

With ten years experience in the home building industry, Silverstone founder Justin Fedun came to us with a comprehensive and thoughtful list of wants and needs for the redesign.

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Website Modernization

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3 page mockups of new site

The Wishlist.

The main technical requirements centered around mobile friendliness and a simple-to-use back end. Also key, was having a singular template page for showcasing an individual home that could be easily adapted or updated depending on the status of the build, replacing multiple separate templates they were using currently.

A home for sale component detailing the parts of the component

Visually, the site needed to be modernized across the way layout and brand language were utilized, copy was written, and imagery displayed. Justin's desire to show prospective customers their level of quality and care was especially important to communicate, understanding that simplification of the styling and user interactivity both meet at the apex of this becoming reality.

Outlining their process more clearly and in greater detail, having the ability to reference specific materials and finishes, including floor plans and sometimes video were also important considerations.

A number of card mockups detailing the home ownership process.

Identifying the issues.

On the surface, much of what was contributing to the dated feel, comprised of an over-use of brand-derived ornamentation, lack of typographical harmony both visually in how it aligns with the brand language and in how the tone of the copy is represented hierarchically, and the manner in which imagery is displayed.

The information architecture was no longer serving the client nor the target audience and required some reorganization in key areas in order to become easier to manage, and to better represent who Silverstone are and what they offer.

Portfolio page mockup
Homes available page mockup

Our approach.

Owing to the keen budget and the fairly tight turnaround time, we leveraged our past experience with the build to take a hyper-agile, expedited approach to tackling this work. One designer, and one developer working closely to make quick, bold and unimpeded design decisions; a process made exponentially easier by mutual trust and respect between ourselves and the client.

Mockup of sample colour palette
Mockup of sample typography
Mockup of sample icons
Mockup of sample buttons

The Strategy.

Relatively few pages meant that analyzing the existing site map to identify the current issues and understand what had to change structurally, as well as determining the opportunities for visual improvement, was a quick process. And with the more granular requirements of the client established right from the outset, this allowed us to move promptly into the creative phase.

A striping-back of sorts had to occur in order to establish priority of the content and elements. Removal of certain components gave scope to better furnish the site with features that worked harder at telling the brand story, as did professionally written copy. We thinned out the over use of logo-derived accessorization, applying those cues in a more deliberate and mature way.

A cta component with a text slider and get in touch button

Lots of screen real-estate is offered to the display of imagery, as well as detailed specifications and project details, which creates a more industry-appropriate portfolio presentation. Add to this a modern, sophisticated type choice and a contemporary use of colour to round it all out.

An entire page mockup with the new design

The Outcomes.

On the surface, this work could be described as a re-skin, when in reality what was accomplished goes a few layers deeper than just the façade. With a new look and feel that better matches Silverstones' qualities of attention to detail and appreciation for good design, and supported by a cleaner, simplified utilization of the CMS, the site is now back in-step with the company and its people, meeting their requirements, and ready to support their future growth and successes.

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