Goat has worked with many private companies to realize a variety of different products; from bespoke online courses to smart, efficient e-commerce platforms.

Each project presents it’s own challenges and opportunities, but we’re clever when it comes to drawing on past experience.

We’ve developed frameworks for more efficiency and speedier deployment. We make sure to craft uniquely designed websites but, rather than reinvent the wheel each time, we look elsewhere within each project, for more pressing problems to solve.

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Private Organizations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do fixed price work?

It depends. Typically, fixed price work requires a detailed set of objectives that have been tested against UX research, combined with a high level technical stack strategy. While we understand that fixed price work provides predictability, more often than not, the outcome does not work out to be any less expensive than the counter-part sprint based approach.

Do you focus on any specific sector?

Our focus is companies in industrial and B2B that require large amounts of content to help supplement long sales cycles. These sites typically have complex information architecture and require focused research to best determine what will support their sales teams.

What Content Management System (CMS) do you typically suggest for your clients?

It depends. Each use-case has unique needs. One task early on in a project is to determine the technical stack against the needs of the content strategy. WordPress, Craft CMS and Shopify all have incredible features, and can be built on with success. For example, if you're a pure e-commerce store with 200 SKU's and simple product variations, Shopify will be a great choice. If you have 40,000 SKU's with complex variations and combinations, Craft Commerce would be a great fit. 

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