Terence Sawtell Founder & Strategy Director
Picture of team member, Terence Sawtell

British Columbia

Terence hails from Prince George, British Columbia and will never shy away from telling you how awesome his home town is. He personifies what living in the north is like. He plays Hockey, loves very basic beer and spends much of his spare time working on old cars and "living the dream".

Before Goatsocial, Terence spent 6+ years at TELUS honing his craft and learning how to be a leader. He worked up from the call centre to a management role within 2 years, and never looked back. Goat (formerly Goatsocial) was founded when a poor experience getting quotes for a website led to Terence re-learning how to build websites after many years dormant. He built his first website in 2004.

Terence spends most of his time finding new clients, building the strategic direction for projects, and making sure the team is well fed. He spends much of his time researching the latest in technical design, marketing and brand development and finding ways to utilize the latest in these fields for Goat's clients.


Prince George, Canada


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